[ExI] Medical power of attorney for cryonicsts

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> My questions are these: if I have a candidate who is informed and consenting,

My perspective is informed by psychology research training and familiarity with human subject review board-type entities. Plus my high value on the premise Just Say Know. 

I don't see this example as much of a dilemma. 

I see everything after "informed consent" as being ethical. That's all you need--informed consent. Much is implied in that phrase, mind you. 

> is it ethically acceptable for me to proceed with bexarotene experiments?  If so, and we find the results positive, is it OK for me (or mandatory for me) to publicize the results, knowing that it may put some desperate patients at great risk, and invite abuse with possibly fatal results?

Yes, this too is ethical as long as the desperate patients have informed consent as to the benefits and the risks. If they take the risk knowing death is a possibility and die, I don't see how this is a problem, ethically speaking. It may be difficult to ensure some patients have informed consent given some impairment, so in those cases it would be unethical. Your responsibility however would be limited to ensuring accurate information was out there. You can't control what people do with information. 

Besides, information yearns to be free!


>   If yes for the first question and no for the second, do not these two results contradict each other?  If yes and yes, are those results contradictory?  Is not this a classic medical ethics dilemma? 
> John I want you and the others here to take another scoop at these questions please and dig deeper sir, go deep, dig up some jewels of wisdom for one who really needs a few.
> spike
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