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>.Ha! Autonomy easy and uncontroversial? It is a nightmare. 


There is so much in this post, I just thank evolution once more that I
decided to not go to med school.


>.What about parents right to do things with the bodies of kids (like
circumcision or vaccination) when the kid is not yet fully autonomous? And
so on...


Oy, great example, thanks.  When my son was born, it turned into a huge
crisis, the family insisted on his being circumcised, I flatly refused,
citing that it is his foreskin, so it is his decision.  Against universal
opposition, I had to pull rank on the whole family, being the dad.  I won
that one, 20 to 1, with me being the 1.  Did I do the right thing?  I think


I don't understand why western minds seem to experience no cognitive
dissonance when they hear themselves say that circumcision is wrong for
non-consenting females but perfectly OK for non-consenting males.  The hell
with that!  My sense of ethics tells me that infant circumcision is wrong

>.Most of the time ethics is easy: don't be a dick.


The modern restatement of the golden rule, ja.  


Thanks Anders and others who have commented.



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