[ExI] Stone age intuition was medical power of attorney

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Well, evolution is hard at work making “love of children” more of a priority over “love of the process that makes children.” All those who avoid the former the better to enjoy the latter will not be passing on as many genes compared to those who desire children for their own sake. In fact, some couples do the very opposite of remaining childless; they pay huge amounts of money to have children with medical assistance. They get a disproportionate number of twins and triplets as a result.   

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>>> ... But you really need the right model to think about evolved traits...
>> ...Hmmm.   It appears that in the US about 20% of women remain childless.
> This seems to be rather a large percentage if they have evolved from genes
> to have as many children as possible.  Perhaps genes are not the only driver
> of human behaviour?  BillK
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> For most of human history, a woman's desire to have children was nearly
> irrelevant.  Perhaps more relevant would be a woman's desire to copulate.
> Even then, her desires may have been mostly irrelevant until the last dozen
> centuries and only applicable in a portion of the world's human population.
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