[ExI] Medical power of attorney for cryonicsts

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>>…Note that Kellogg began medical practice as a teenager (the proto-Doogie Houser MD) in the 1860s, even before attending medical school, which was then a 4 month course of questionable value.  We need to judge him and his work by the standards of his times rather than ours.


### He also contributed to the colon-cleansing craze.  All this goes to show that good intentions (which he probably had) don't mean much when technical knowledge and experimental rigor is lacking.  Rafal 



It could be that Kellogg’s best contribution is to encourage the formation of a negative feedback loop to dampen the potential for destruction of one charismatic but misguided doctor.  He is a perfect example of a guy who could have used a medical ethics panel, who would have made sure someone was following up on the patients he treated.



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