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It’s just r versus K selection. As the population increases and open niches decrease, and competition for space and resources increase, K selection (fewer offspring of higher quality) becomes more effective than r selection (quantity and speed over quality). The Phd or CEO woman who has twins at 45 is opting for K selection, while the Amish and the Quiverful fundamentalist families are opting for r selection. It is absolutely not an evolutionary “mistake” that rich and middle class families started having fewer children than poor families after the Industrial Revolution and the population explosion. They had to, in order to invest more in the children that they had. Interestingly, after about a century lag, poor /less educated families are now starting to once again have fewer children in comparison to richer/better educated families. The reason is that the age of first parity is rising across the board. A woman who spends her twenties getting a degree and establishing a career can afford medical assistance, if needed, to still have two or three children after age 35. But a woman who has only a high school education and a single income who waits to have children until her 30s is less likely to conceive. This is what is happening. The only exceptions, as mentioned, are those families who deliberately embrace an  r selection strategy and retain early age of first parity. They can only do this at the cost of considerable isolation into their own niche, however. That’s a rather vulnerable position to be in. 

So I don’t think its either Idiots or Plain people that will have the most genetic success, but (as usual), the richer, smarter, and more popular. 

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> Well, evolution is hard at work making “love of children” more of a priority over “love of the process that makes children.” 
> ### Indeed, this is the case. On both the biological and memetic evolutionary levels, there is very strong selection against PhD feminists and in favor of Amish housewives. The robot Apocalypse will come soon enough to make this process irrelevant but one can idly speculate about the society where evolution was allowed to run along these lines for a few hundred years. Just as, per Gregory Clark, about five hundred years of evolution in England changed the minds of Englishmen, a couple hundred years more could change Americans, too.
> It's not Idiocracy that would prevail there but rather the Plain People.
> Rafał
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