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Wed Dec 10 05:49:08 UTC 2014


I went to a talk today at SETI by Rosetta project manager Claudia Alexander.
I went for one critical piece of information, the deuterium to hydrogen
ratio.  She kept us on the edge of our seats for an hour and finished with
the comment that the D/H ratio will be announced tomorrow and she wouldn't
tell us today.  Doh!


So, tomorrow we get a clue for where the Earth's water came from.  If 67P
has a D/H ratio that matches Earth, well now isn't that interesting.  If it
matches Mars, isn't that puzzling.  If it matches the Kuiper belt objects,
now what do we think?


Any guesses before the number comes out?  I think it will match Earth
because I have long since bought into the argument that our water came from


Tomorrow is the day we learn a cool new piece of info!  {8-]



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