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Wed Dec 10 18:12:56 UTC 2014

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>>...Has Stanford University found a cure for Alzheimer's disease?...Keith

>...We all know it takes years to do a clinical trial, and even then medical
ethics notions prevent us from doing plenty of experiments.  I have an


Because if I go down, I want to go down swinging.  I want to try *something*
even if chances are it is useless or even harmful.  Better to fight in vain
than go peacefully, ja?  If nothing else, it's our gift to the future, to
help inform them on what doesn't work, ja?

My point of all this: with our legal system trying to solve problems like
wildcat doctors (such as Kellogg) doing ill-advised experiments and killing
patients, we have set up a stultifying system which has gone so far, it
might have done more harm than good.  It has become so expensive and so hard
to prove the efficacy of a drug or therapy, we stifle experimentation and
slow progress nearly to a halt.  We have worked so hard to shut down snake
oil salesmen that we have stifled most innovative medical technological

So, we set up a special class where we know what happens if we do nothing,
such as AD patients.  We let that class of willing and eager volunteers do
whatever they think is right, and absolve their medical teams of any
responsibility if things go wrong, which they will in nearly every case.

All we ask is that we have some kind of objective monitoring and feedback
loop, so the experimental results don't get lost, as they are now with
experimental AD medications.

How do we do this?


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