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>…Science fiction was not seen as particularly "good" literature, so much I understood. But I never cared. I just found it the perfect escape from the bland square reality of 70s Sweden. … Anders Sandberg



Indeed?  You guys had ABBA at their peak, and this is bland square reality?  That was hip, man!  Sweden was producing some of the best sounds on the FM dial in the 70s.  It was dance music that was actually tolerable for musicians to listen to and play.  Their lyrics weren’t boring, stupid and repetitive like most of their counterparts of their time, which is why ABBA is still heard on the radio to this day.  Where else in rock and roll is found a sparkling jewel of lyrical wisdom such as this:


In our lives we have walked some strange and lonely treks,

Slighly worn but dignified, and not too old for sex,

We’re still striving for the sky, 

Got taste for humble pie…


(When All Is Said and Done)


Love it.



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