[ExI] More Advanced Extraterrestrials

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 21:36:04 UTC 2014

David Brin and Robin Hanson are having a discussion this month about
extraterrestrials and whether SETI should be actively sending signals
out to try to spur a contact response.


Their discussion is very wide-ranging and worth reading!

One point I think they are missing though is exponential evolution.
Unless the aliens are at almost the same development level as humans,
(which is really unlikely!), then we should expect to be unable to
understand what they will be like. Humans already almost have control
of their evolution, nano-tech and AI. Once the Singularity arrives,
change will be exponential. A thousand years will bring the equivalent
of millions of years of change, evolving faster and faster.

We have the evidence of the Great Silence. That means that the galaxy
is not filled with civilisations at our level, broadcasting soap
operas and sports. This could mean either that humans are alone, or
that the many alien civs have advanced quickly past the 'broadcast'
period and their motivations and type of existence is now beyond our
conception. And they really have no interest at all in humanity.


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