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Thanks for the Mary Sue link.  A lot like my characters except mine don't
make babies nor carry them.  It does question whether having a world filled
with nothing but geniuses is dull.  No underclasses to make non-PC jokes
about.  But that's one of the points of my book - let's make everyone
perfect and see what happens.   bill

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> You might want to consider if you are creating a race of Mary Sues.
> http://www.springhole.net/writing/marysuerace.htm
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> Keep in mind that all humans have the same genes except for outward
> appearance.  All 'evil' types are long gone.  There is a movement towards
> reducing the population to two people, like Eden because of a massive guilt
> complex.  It is felt that humans have spoiled the planet (in fact cleanup
> is still underway with billions of robots in the oceans etc. cleaning up
> chemicals).  So they want to redesign man so that this will never happen
> again.  They are so fervent that it is almost like a religion.
> All work towards this goal.  In their past when someone wasn't 'with the
> program' their genes were cast out of the mix.  In fact, including a
> person's genes in the mix is the ultimate reward, though now all are the
> same.
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