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>. I do like the shiny commercials, and I am amused by the increasing use of
graphics, great directional microphones and really high quality image


Isn't it cool?  You have that air time worth all that money, such creative
effort goes into that 30 second video.  Note how much content goes into it.
Astonishing!  This development goes to something I have been watching for
decades: how video games and internet have trained our minds to take in data
at a much higher rate than before.


Test: if we could get video of Superbowl ads from 40 years ago and compare
them to today, we would find it striking how slow was the pace they spent
that expensive time four decades ago.  We can deal with info at twice the
pace today.  This is so cool, and at the same time a source of vague worry.
The whole notion merits further thought.


>.But then I'm not as smart as Spike.


You are far too modest sir.


>. I certainly would not find calculus to be an interesting dinner time
conversation starter.  -Kelly


Kelly it was a really cool interesting calculus problem.  I learned so much.
I stumped two college math professors, and posed it to a third who isn't
busted yet.  I managed to do the calculus, then get hopelessly tangled up in
the algebra!  But the computer came to my rescue: I found a numerical
solution using a Monte Carlo technique.  Never did get a closed form


Aside: it was really a conversation opener, but rather a continuer.   My
pleasant young interlocutor said he was a professor of mathematics.


Here's the form I posed the problem to my former college roommate and a
mutual friend, both of which are math professors:


Mrs Claus comes home early and catches Santa in the act!  Rather than slay
the cheating skunk on the spot, thus depriving children all over the world
of Christmas joy, she extracts her revenge by grabbing up all their clothes
and stomping out of the igloo with every stitch of cloth in the entire icy
abode.  She tosses the clothing into the sleigh and departs northward with
the traditional ".on Dancer, on Prancer." etc.  


Knowing "Saint" Nick and his sleazy little vixen cannot flee in their
current state of undress (fatal within minutes in this frigid setting) she
calls the elves on her cell phone, inviting them over for a little surprise.


She sets off due north, but cannot continue on this course for there is a
toy factory in the way, so she turns right pi/2 and maintains an easterly


If Mrs. Claus travels 4 km north, then 3 km east, what is the maximum
distance she can be from the igloo?


If you manage that one, what is the general optimized equation, in terms of
S km from start after travelling N km north and E km east?


By numerical methods I have discovered a remarkable answer, but I still
can't explain it.





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