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With so many articles about aging these days, its cumbersome to find info
without ads for a product to fight aging!  Does anyone have updated science
facts on the human body/brain as a whole that looks at:


1.       When does the body starts aging (conflicting views suggest directly
after puberty, others say 20-ish);

2.       When does the body start preparing for death (conflicting views,
and some suggest after menopause and andropause); and

3.       If the body regenerates itself every seven years, how does this
affect the aging process (most views reference limited ability to create
daughter cells is the point of preparation for death) and if neurons in the
cerebral cortex are never replaced, why is there a broad statement that the
body regenerates itself every seven years?

That broad statement is not accurate -- although it may not be a terrible
approximation of the averages of widely varying turnover times. For
instance, the cells lining the stomach last only five days, red blood cells
120 days or so, and the adult human liver 300 to 500 days, whereas other
structures retain the same cells for decades, such as "the neurons of the
cerebral cortex, the inner lens cells of the eye and perhaps the muscle
cells of the heart" (from the first link below).








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