[ExI] The meaning of life (in transhumanism)

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Wed Feb 19 01:36:46 UTC 2014

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Subject: Re: [ExI] The meaning of life (in transhumanism)

I don't even understand the meaning of the "meaning of life." Seriously.
What does that even MEAN? 

Tara Maya

No Tara, we aren't even talking about the (meaning) squared of life, or the
square (meaning) of life.  We don't even know what the units are for that

I may have some insights regarding the meaning of life for squares.  That I
can answer: life for geeks is all about gobbling up as much awe and wonder
as we can in the short time we have.  Mathematics is a great place to search
for that stuff; the field is filled with it, everywhere.  Nature is filled
with it, science in all its forms, filled with awe and wonder.  Furthermore,
in just the past couple decades, there are huge spreads of square meaning
from awe and wonder completely free for the taking, just sitting out there
on the internet, open for anyone to devour.  Oh, liiiife is gooooood, LIFE
is GOOD!


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