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OK so we got 6 cards for Christine, thanks!  We will likely be taking those
to her Monday.  So here's one last chance for you that doesn't involve paper
or pens or stamps or envelopes or any of that obsolete technology that some
of our younger extropians might never have heard of, and something you can
do right now:


Post a word of encouragement to Christine, or Dr. Lajeunesse if you prefer,
to the following @:


bob at difranza.com


Bob will print them out, cut and paste the messages onto the back of a photo
enlargement he made of a Buddhist guru with a cell phone in his hand.  Bob
saw this guru (or lama?) guy on his travels somewhere on this confused


I know it might feel weird writing a get-well message to a stranger, but I
want this done anyway.  Short version: Dr. Lajeunesse is a urologist in Reno
Nevada.  A couple weeks ago a former patient who wasn't even theirs came
into the office with a twelve gage, killed her partner, very nearly killed
Dr. Lajeunesse, seriously injured a bystander.  We didn't know for several
days if she would live or die.  Fortunately she is young and strong and has
pulled through the worst of it, but she has a long and painful recovery
ahead.  Shows to go ya, bad things happen to good people.  Lets do
everything we can to make a good thing happen to a good person. 


So here's what I want: type up a message of encouragement, just something
along the lines of: We heard what happened and we are so sorry, etc, you
have many friends and fans who you have never met, etc, and we are pulling
for you, hoping for a full and speedy recovery, etc, you know the rest, do
your best, and my extropian friends I want this DONE doobydoo done done, do
it now, do it well, write it now before you forget, post it to Bob,
bob at difranza.com, do it even if you sent a paper card, it's a good deed that
doesn't cost you anything but a few minutes, so dooooo it and I thank you
from the bottom of my bottom.





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