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>.I am sad that I didn't do auto mechanics and welding in high school. That
would have served me much better than a lot of stuff I did take.-Kelly



I get ya Kelly, but in general I disagree with the notion.  There is so
little classroom time available, I would advise young people to look around
for worthwhile practical electives: typing, networking, IT, Microsloth apps,
perhaps home repair or craft shop, but not auto, not home economics, not
welding.  Reasoning: there are better ways to learn that stuff, especially


When we were younger, the way to learn that was to get a junky old car for
practically nothing, then fix it.  Plenty of old guys around will help you
or explain to you what you need to do.  I see that as one of the most
effective male bonding rituals left.  It isn't dangerous, isn't particularly
costly, and it has a ready reward: fix the junkpile, you ride.  Otherwise,
we call you pedestrian, and do it with an understated derision, the kind
that motivates young men to pick up the wrenches and get to work.


Welding: never waste classroom time with that, unless you intend to become a
professional welder.  Otherwise, get a welder and some rods (they aren't
expensive), watch the YouTubes, read the basics book you can get online or
at the public library, all of which can be done in about an hour or two.
Then just practice your way to success.  Make a weld, break it, look at the
break, figure out what they mean by penetration and why your first welds
don't have it, try again, etc.  


I would tell the young people:  Learn it by doing it, in both auto and
welding.  Put away the dope and the beer, you don't have time for those
things now.  You have the opportunity to pick up skills that will help you
the rest of your life.  Grab as many of them as you can.




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