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Natasha thanks for the notice on those early-bird ticket sales for
Transhuman Visions.  I don't think they will available at that price after
today however.  It looked like their timer was set to expire at 1100 this
evening.  They might have more tomorrow at that price.  But in any case,
even the later tickets are affordable, which is encouraging.  Excellent this
sounds like a wicked cool conference.  




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offers $25 tickets for the next 2 days. The event is on March 1, at Piedmont
Veterans Hall, in the San Francisco East Bay.

Speakers include Natasha Vita-More, Max More, John Smart, Brian Wang, Linda
M. Glenn, Nikola Danaylov, Zoltan Istvan, and many others.

Humanity+ is a technical sponsor of this event!  And, other sponsors include
NaturalStacks, SingularityWeblog, SeriousWonder, Life Extension Foundation,
and Estancia Beef.

Tickets are selling briskly, at a will-sell-out-in-advance pace. The
previous event TRANSHUMAN VISIONS in San Francisco on February 1, sold out
25 days in advance.


To get your ticket, via EventBrite, you can find the link below:







 <http://www.natasha.cc/> Natasha Vita-More, PhD


Faculty, University of Advancing Technology

Chair, Humanity+

Fellow, Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies

Founder: H+Lab / H+TV


New Book at
st+re%2Caps&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Athe%20transhumanist%20reader> Amazon!

cover email


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