[ExI] What's Wrong With Academic Futurists?

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>...Amazon biggie Jeff Bezos owns 300 thousand acres of Texas for his rocket
ranch, so we need to get him interested in ground based solar?  Ted Turner
owns a couple million acres of Wyoming, great spot for an enormous solar
farm... spike

Ooops, never mind, Turner is already there:


This is a good test case for ground based solar: an environmental
consdrvation-minded guy with a ton of money.  If it can just break even,
Turner will likely start putting them down there.  See there, concentrated
wealth is a good thing, even if it isn't necessarily concentrated in our own
pockets.  Rich people are our friends.  Turner has the cash to build a PV
factory here in the states, which might be worth doing if the labor costs
can be held down sufficiently.  Failing that, China is still producing way
more PVs than the market will currently bear, so we can start soaking up
some of those.  I see so much potential, I have a hard time being
pessimistic.  Sure energy prices will go up.  We can deal.  Depending on how
we define we.


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