[ExI] Be nice to leftists

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 14:38:14 UTC 2014

>  Jukk can sp
> eak for me too.  I have directed several supposed conservatives to
> politicalcompass.org where they have taken the little test only to find
> that they are somewhat on the left, mainly because of social issues.?
> ? I am still waiting for Rafa's data showing that leftists are as he
> described, which is not at all
> what I believe in.  So I think Rafa is making a huge generalization that
> he cannot support.  wfw?
> ### Leftist is as leftists do. The leftist elite consistently acts in
> direct contravention of the lofty ideals that Jukka adduced. To the
> contrary, their actions betray an obsession with status, and hypocrisy.
> If you think my generalization is incorrect it should be trivially easy for
> you to give me multitudinous examples of elite leftists in the US who do
> not fit this description.
> Rafal
> ​Oh?  And how big a sample do you think you need to adequately
> characterize hundreds of millions of people?  Given:  lying to oneself and
> to others is right at the top of the list of human failings, so you have
> large numbers of hypocrites in any sample you choose​  - id est, a high
> base rate, probably magnified by
> ​the power and status you refer to.  What I object to is that lying is
> more to be found in leftists than rightists.   Politicians lie, CEOs lie,
> etc.  Why pick on those on the left?  wfw​
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