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Mon Jun 16 03:24:48 UTC 2014

> http://www.aleph.se/EclipsePhase/Law%20and%20Order.pdf

Being a little familiar with Eclipse Phase, I can see a few basic, simple
attacks on this.  (Everyone unfamiliar, sorry, but this is going to get
into jargon.)

1) Branch a fork, put it in a morph, and obfuscate where it came from -
including randomizing parameters on the forked ego so it can't be traced to
you.  Make sure to use good anonymizing systems - the type that it takes
far more resources than most companies on this colony would deem it worth
to crack, at least on a case-by-case basis.  Also make sure the one thing
that isn't randomized, is its desire to walk up and suicide-bomb your
target (or do whatever nefarious thing that doesn't directly result in you
gaining something, but does destroy the morph beyond traceability).  The
morph has neither lawcorp nor insurance, and acts as its own security
company.  Of course, the morph has no legal rights and can be shot by
anyone at any time - but until this happens a few times, no security
company will anticipate it being worth the price of ammo.  Once it does
happen (and the anticipated value of stopping anonymous morphs temporarily
goes up), cool off that approach (or just alter the specifics) until
companies stop being on the lookout for this.

2) Be your own security company and insurance.  If anyone tries to levy a
large fine against you, simply refuse to pay.  As you do not subscribe to
any other security company, other companies would have to collect against
you - and you can set your own maximum acceptable expense as high as you
can afford.  They'll have to run you broke before they can collect.
(People sometimes try this IRL, albeit in court instead of in property
damage.  It sometimes works.)  Almost all security companies would rather
recompense their own clients: it'll ultimately cost less.  This would
appear to be perfectly valid under most lawcorps offered, as it results in
negotiated settlements, even if it always winds up being someone else's
money you're spending on those settlements.

Granted, your Rep score goes through the gutter...unless you sell a series
of visiting suckers on this being how to roll during their brief stays, now
if they'll just do a favor for you since you did them a favor by telling
them this and maybe helping them set it up.  Also granted, lawcorps might
start refusing to deal with self-insurers - until the next wave of
self-insuring security companies representing people doing no harm forces
them to reconsider or lose market share.

3) Be a security company-lawcorp hybrid.  Every so often, kidnap and
brainwash one of your clients.  There's no law on your books saying you
can, but there are laws allowing you to do all the actions leading up to
this and shut down all monitoring that might prove you're doing this.  Your
brainwashed clients give you positive reviews and Rep.
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