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>...I hold a more optimistic view Keith.  

>...All the sideshows will settle out, and it will come down to this burning IRS scandal.  Hours ago, the IRS announced that its director's computer crashed, and so (oh darn) they "lost" about two years of her emails and the dog ate her homework.  There is no way to recover those emails, you understand, even though tape backups of every server are stored all over the place, but that crashed computer lost critical emails after the IRS claims to have spent 10 million dollars trying to recover this director's email...spike

I am astonished, appalled, that the IRS would even attempt such a crazy testimony, and I struggle to interpret their motives.  They know we don't believe their absurd story, and they know there are powerful senators eager to exploit and politicize this apparent cover-up.  So what is it about?  My best guess is that they have been breathing their own fumes so long, they have come to fully believe they are above the law, that the constitution doesn't apply to them, that law doesn't reach their lofty height, that the 16th amendment really does give them unlimited power to do whatever they want to whomever they want, that the director of the IRS really is the most powerful seat in US government because it has exactly zero checks and balances on its power.  Note what has happened so far:

-  The IRS director or some other still-unknown government official apparently ordered increased scrutiny of one party

-  She was caught

-  She refused to testify, claiming 5th amendment rights against being compelled to incriminate herself

-  While claiming the fifth, she testified she had done nothing illegal (lying before congress is illegal)

-  She was found in contempt of congress

-  Nothing happened.  (Why should she care about congress' stupid proletariat opinion?  She is still getting her retirement checks.  Congress is for the little people.)

-  The evidence is missing under mysterious circumstances

-  An laughable excuse is offered, without regard to the obvious absurdity

So what happens now?  Speculations please?  Suppose I will get an IRS audit just for writing these observations?  If so, are we not already living in an Orwellian IRS-led totalitarian nightmare? 


Section § 3309 states that records “pertaining to claims and demands by or against the Government of the United States or to accounts in which the Government of the United States is concerned, either as debtor or creditor, may not be disposed of by the head of an agency under authorization granted under this chapter, until the claims, demands, and accounts have been settled and adjusted in the General Accounting Office, except upon the written approval of the Comptroller General of the United States.”

“These environments were required by federal regulations to be redundant and recoverable,” the former IRS IT worker says. “The recoverability requirements were put into place for exactly the reasons we see today.” Disposal of records outside the statutory standards requires permission in writing.

He says that the IRS uses Microsoft Outlook/Exchange systems, which are backed up using Symantec NetBackup.

End quote.  http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2014/06/16/exclusive-former-irs-information-tech-worker-doubts-agencys-claim-to-have-lost-lerners-emails/


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