[ExI] blue screen = hard disk crash?

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Question please for our local computer gurus.  The IRS is claiming that a
bunch of evidence was accidentally lost because a hard disk crashed on the
computer of the IRS director and six others within the IRS closely
associated with the investigation.  Today the IRS' attorney made this


"Lerner walked into her office one day and her computer screen was blue. Her
hard drive had crashed."


Questions please computer hipsters: 


- Does a crashed hard drive cause a blue screen?  

- Is there anything else that can cause a blue screen?

- What does a BIOS failure do?  Blue screen?

- Does a failed memory module on the motherboard cause a blue screen?

- Assuming a disk failure, if action is taken immediately, is any of the
data on the disk recoverable?

- Can a failed drive have any other consequences, such as a black screen
with large white text?  I see that sometimes.

- A blue screen has no info on it, ja?  So how would the user know it was a
disk crash?

- Are there other ways to retrieve email if a disk crashes?


It would be interesting to me if this whole thing could be cracked open by
the IRS' computer failure reports.  We just look at that report plus the
reports of the six other critical disks and see if their users reported blue
screens on the same day.  If so, it suggests a targeted virus of some sort
(ja?)  If they all simultaneously suffered some mysterious mechanical
failure that day (such as from impact with the floor or a 12 pound sledge
hammer) we are on to something else, but the point of this post is that
Americans should not brush off that question.  Reason: DiskGate has pointed
out the IRS has no constitutional limits on its authority to destroy you for
whatever reason it wants.  The 4th amendment does not apply to their
prosecution of you, but they can claim the 5th and walk away.  You can't.
They can demand any record they want of you from years past, but they are
not held accountable for losing their own recent records.  They can just
claim the critical disks all crashed, not a smidgen of corruption can be
proved, they should be given more money to buy better disks.


So does a crashed disk cause a BSOD?






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