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Been down - tornadoes.  Everything OK


Damn the tornadoes, full speed ahead!


Glad to hear all are well BillW.

What if people decided not to degrade the language and add to it only by vote?  The we could quit nicknaming and acronyming etc…

That’s kinda what we do.  Terms are introduced, sometimes the proles take them and use them, sometimes not.  That process is analogous to voting on introducing new terms for a vote.


What if people are so genetically constructed that they can do any job and everyone rotates jobs?

This wouldn’t require genetically constructing people, it requires constructing the jobs.  This is what is happening too: jobs are not so much dumbed down (actually they are, but that’s another discussion) as jobs are generalized to match the most common skills.  I have seen the aerospace industry evolve to where it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do them.  For most of those remaining jobs, it doesn’t really even take an engineer.  I have seen some of the most successful ones come in with degrees in accounting.  I am not kidding.



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