[ExI] cool! locals create circuit board modeled on the human brain

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>…Yeah - RL's busy randomly.  Speaking of which, if you have time and availability to help (especially if you can help w/CFD on your own time), poke me offlist about CubeCab.  It's getting more serious.


Cool!  I might have a little time for that, but I am getting more busy now than I was.  My son is showing increasing talent in the math department.  He is doing high school trigonometry now, with word problems and all the specialized algebra, which I think is remarkable for a second grader.  He is doing Khan Academy at school and is working with me at home and doing the Khan Academy graphics programming courses as well, ripping thru it like a hot chainsaw thru butter.  Suggestions welcome.  This is talent I don’t want to see wasted the way mine was.


>…Any of 'em that are made to be actual programming languages.  Specifics depend on what exactly you're trying to do with it.  Although, Bill's question seemed to be more about parallel processing than about self-modifying code…


An example of what BillW has in mind is giving a processor a few thousand games of checkers and seeing if it can figure out the rules and become a checkers player.  I think something like this has been done, but I don’t know the details.



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