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I fully support Spike's efforts. (But cannot contribute - records burned up in the courthouse long ago - you would not believe how many Washington Wallaces there were in Texas in the late 1800s, but not my father)  bill w



Bill me lad, ye of little faith, sir.


Did your DNA burn in that fire?  Have you any paternal cousins?  Was their spit destroyed?  Regarding burned archives, my answer to that is simple:  records schmecords.  We have a more accurate means of knowing who is who today.  You and I are mod hipsters, man!  We have the technology, we can rebuild his records.


Tell ya what, doctor, you send in a spit sample to 23&Me, I will help you interpret the results, figure out who is who among the thousand matches they return, and how to use that effectively, especially if you have any cousins on either side you can talk into doing a test as well.  You and your cousin triangulate off of each other to figure out which side of the family tree the matches are on.  You send me your .csv file, I use my magic software, trace your ancestry all the way back to Adam and Eve by way of one of Noah’s sons, or the protobonobos if you are a Darwinian heathern as I am.


But the question is this: suppose one of your top matches has that user profile in there about having done violence to someone.  Would you blow the whistle on your own cousin?  (Hint: I would, hell yes.)  Your thoughts please sir?





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