[ExI] Be nice to leftists

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Sat May 17 14:14:13 UTC 2014

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Be nice to leftists

> ...Sounds as though Rafal has just discovered lobbying.

>...And, generally, the more money spent on lobbying then the greater the
success. So small special interest groups have great difficulty in fighting
the big money corporations.


So why fight big money corporations?  I can think of a number of strategies
that might work better.  For instance, become a big money corporation.
Alternately, buy stock in a big money corporation interested in fighting for
your political views.  Or get a ton of money from the other people who share
those political views and use that to fight the big money corporation.  Or
advertise on the internet or various other means to influence consumers to
favor those corporations which you think better represent your political
views.  Or the good old fashioned lobbyists can be hired.

It surprises me sometimes when I hear people, especially the poor, vilifying
big corporations.  Clearly those companies are doing something right that
the impoverished complainers are doing wrong.  Otherwise they would be the
big corporations.  Don't rage against the machine; become the machine.  Then
be a really good one.


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