[ExI] Be nice to leftists

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Fri May 23 17:20:49 UTC 2014

Re tea party et al:  who wants to work with a group that won't compromise
on anything? They just waste time trying to kill Obamacare.

 Right/left just doesn't cut it.  Even political compass.org with their
excellent test, doesn't either.  I am on the left/libertarian, but hate the
big debt.  Everyone wants lower taxes, but you get what you pay for (well,
OK, with big fed, you don't, but still...).  Here in MS we don't collect
near the taxes we should but only Repubs get elected (on the basis of no
new taxes, no raising taxes), with the result that the big feds supply most
of our money!  And that just isn't fair.  I pay zero property taxes, no
income taxes.  If I want to support education I have to write a check!

I am left, but far left, like Ivy school professors and their 'kill the 1st
amendment' with their PC speech things, are just nuts.  In any case, the
left of the Enlightenment is nowhere in sight.  I guess politics can kill
anything, esp. good ideas.

I have been around a lot of black people in my life and I have yet to run
into a lazy one.  Whites, yes!  Most blacks I know hate the idea of welfare
and like my yardman with his horrible knees, no running water, no refrig,
etc. won't apply for it.  It's like giving up to him.  Work with them like
I have:  pick cotton, hoe corn, castrate pigs.

  You really have to live in the South to understand some of these things
that are said about it.  Great people here - not too bright,
hyperreligious, superstitious, etc. but great people.  bill w

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> >…Rightest tend to be in favor of the free market and that's good, but
> they also tend to be in favor of creationism and that's bad.
> Eh, a lot of that kind of thing is an artifact of our American two-party
> system, which isn’t really two parties, but rather huge coalitions of
> unrelated small parties who don’t really like their own fellow travelers.
> My notion is that everything doesn’t collapse down to right or left.  It
> results in both sides of the political spectrum working to discredit the
> other by way of pointing out that their coalition includes some distasteful
> characters.  For instance, the left might say “YOUR side embraces
> CREATIONISTS!”  followed by a retort from the right “Well, YOUR side
> embraces radical EPISCOPALIANS!”  etc, when the huge majority of both
> parties quietly reject their distasteful fellow travelers.  Both parties
> may recognize their unwelcome others do tend to vote on the same general
> side, for completely different reasons, having little or nothing to do with
> actual politics.
> I find encouraging the general realignment of US left and right around a
> matter which definitely does belong in politics: the size and scope of the
> federal government.  We have seen a most unique (in my lifetime) phenomenon
> where a new party (Tea) comes up wanted more strictly limited federal
> government, then two established parties both reject it, unite in common
> cause to defeat the third.  I find it astonishing in that if either party
> were to embrace that third, the two together could rule without significant
> opposition.  Yet both reject it.  This tells me that both major parties are
> more interested in growing federal government as a first priority, even if
> it means sharing an agenda with the other major party.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNU9PKWdA2A     John K Clark
> Cool ad, thanks John!
> spike
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