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David Pizer pizerdavid at rocketmail.com
Sun May 25 02:30:06 UTC 2014

To Cryonicists, Immortalists, Humanists, Transhumanists, and other people of good will everywhere.
Here is an update on the very unusual and desperate  effort to try to save Betty Pugliese by cryopreserving her brain.  It doesn't get any more creative for those who are limited in money and need to try to save a loved one.   I think you will agree that the efforts described below are truly heroic on the part of her loved ones, who have got her this far and bought her some time, while we try to raise money to finish the job.   For those who have already contributed something - thank you.  For those who are thinking about helping Betty,  thank you too.   For those who can't help with a donation at present, perhaps you can pass this message on to people on your address page, and the sites you communicate on - and that might generate some donations.

 Betty was living with her son, Ron, on a retirement income,  she was elderly, in poor health and did not have money.  Betty, and her son Ron, had wanted to find a way to save enough money for a cryopreservation, But with little income, medical expenses and rising cryonics prices the two had insufficient funds for even the least expensive cryopreservation options.  Betty deanimated December 6, 2013 at her son's home in Las Vegas, NV where he and the hospice took care of her. Ron was struggling to keep her alive and the hospice was anticipating her death.  In a desperate attempt to buy some time for his mother, Ron had her brain chemopreserved.   I have talked with experts in cryonics and chemopreservation may do a good job for a couple of years.  But it cannot preserve as well as cryopreservation over time.  To be sure she has a chance at revival someday, we need to raise money to convert her chemopreservation to cryopreservation.
Ron’s mother deanimated suddenly in December. There was no time or funding to arrange anything beyond a temporary chemical preservation that  the local mortuary could do. The body was embalmed, with the usual formalin as the main fixative, and with emphasis on the brain, then her brain was removed by a pathologist and stored in formalin fixative.  

The Venturists are trying to raise money so that cryogenic storage at a public facility for Betty's brain, her mind,  will become possible. This procedure could be preceded by cryoprotectant perfusion by slow diffusion, as has happened for some other brain-only cases. Overall, it would cost $15,000 to convert her suspension to cryopreservation. 

Betty's son, Ron, has informed the Venturists that he will come up with $3,000 on his own towards this goal, so the Venturists will need to raise only $12,000 more.  

We are asking your help in raising funding for the cryopreservation of this fine woman and good mother.
If you care to contribute please send  your donation to: Society for Venturism, 11255 S. Highway 69, Mayer, AZ 86333.    

Or else you may donate by PayPal through the Venturists’ website: http://venturist.info/donate.html
Thank you,
David Pizer, President
For:  The Venturists
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