[ExI] Strong AI Hypothesis: logically flawed?

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​​ Suppose you are informed that
you have a disease that causes you to die whenever you fall asleep at
night so that the person who wakes up in the morning is a completely
different Dan Ust who shares your memories. This has been happening
every day of your life, but you have only just found out about it.
Would this information worry you or make any difference to how you
live your life?

Absolutely YES.   It means that someone with my body and memories will awake tomorrow but it will not be me.  It means that I will die today.  bill w


Related question:


There was a Star Trek prequel series, which I heard about but never viewed.  I heard it was pretty good.  Anyone see that?


The transporter was new-ish technology and several of the crew were reluctant to use it.


I can imagine a good script would be a couple of crew members arguing that when you disappear on one end, you die.  Then a different but similar being materializes on the other end.  So that machine murders a crewmember every time you beam up.





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