[ExI] META: Humour: Sex? There's an app for that!

Mike Dougherty msd001 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 21:01:12 UTC 2014

On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 3:08 PM, BillK <pharos at gmail.com> wrote:
> Agreed. The app also says that 'Yes' can be changed to 'No' later, if
> the action becomes too violent or objectionable. But there will be no
> record of that change. And the initial record of 'Yes' could be used
> to excuse any later behaviour.
> I think that really the app is only a gimmick to get randy student
> hunks to give real consideration to her right of refusal.

This has similar problems (and solutions?) as spike's voting machine
(I know the voting machine is not spike's per se, but that that rant
was due to resurface soon anway, eh?)

I had been considering an app like this for a while.  In my version
both people have profiles in the app... with settings for the kind of
'stuff' they're willing to authorize.  That generates a 2d barcode
that the other person can snap with their phone, after both parties
have exchanged these token approvals (one to generate the 2d barcode,
one to snap the OK) and the apps can identify the common (or UNcommon)
boundaries of consent.

I'd offer the service of a follow-up... to express buyers remorse,
possibly adjust the default consent settings, and manage reputation
(for both parties)

The service is about being a 'trusted' third-party.  The 2-factor
authentication could also include uploading photos of the place (and
person) for the sake of further tracking the transaction.

I wonder if sousveillance is sufficient threat value to constrain
unwanted behavior on both sides of the transaction.

Also, what is the critical mass of acceptance/usage of this service to
have any real impact on the population in question?

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