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Sports fans and otherwise, what do you make of this?  Can you see why this
question is parallel in principle to non-auditable voting machines?


I don't know about the voting machine thing, but to me, the baseball thing
is about tradition.  Instant replays capable of overturning umpires
decisions are now available despite strong opposition.  Conservative tennis
fans don't want line calls overturned by replay videos.    Baseball hasn't
replaced wooden bats with metal ones, and so on.  Tradition, tradition,
tradition (like Fiddler on the Roof).

bill w (far less of a fan than I used to be;  traditionally a player stayed
with a team forever, essentially being owned; then free agency came along
and now it's hired guns going to one team, then another, and another, and
it's hard for fans to get used to this.  All of a sudden your favorite team
player is on the other side and now gets hate mail from his former fans for
being a traitor!)

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> >>...This has similar problems (and solutions?) as spike's voting
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> Mike
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> ...But this one is getting closer.
> Is anyone here besides me following the current unrest in Hong Kong?  As I
> understand it, the problem is that Hong Kong is to have free elections,
> however, Beijing must sign off on the candidates before they can go on the
> ballot.  Hong Kong protestors argue that this resembles a free election but
> is not a free election.
> As long as we have no way to externally verify the calls of a home-plate
> umpire, we don't know who won that game.  It resembles a fair game, but we
> are being asked to assume the umpire is neutral.
> Do I even need to make the next comment, with regard to non-auditable
> voting
> machines?
> spike
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