[ExI] Strong AI Hypothesis: logically flawed

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 18:04:35 UTC 2014

> ​John Clark wrote;​
> I am not impressed. Chemicals like that move by diffusion, so  they could
> only transfer information at about .01 Meters a second. Light moves at
> 300,000,000 Meters a second.

​Chemicals do the job​.  What more do you want?  Faster?  More gigabytes?

A brain is a noun, a physical thing that you can touch, but you can no more
touch the  intelligence or consciousness in a brain than you can touch the
"fast" in a racing car.​

​I don't buy the comparison.  I think of the brain as a verb.  It's
active.  No activity, no self.  Dead.​  And it depends on what you call
'touch'.  We can't put our finger on neurons firing but we can take
pictures of them, see where they go, correlate that with behaviors.

​bill w​
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