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Tue Oct 14 16:04:27 UTC 2014


Now we are being told there is a company Snapchat which enables children to take selfies in the bathroom mirror and send them to each other without risk of the photos going on the internet, since it lacks archiving features on the company’s servers and has no archiving option for either the sender or the receiver.


At the same time, we hear US government officials doing US government official business opting for Instant Messaging or texting, over email for some odd reason, but that these IM services have an archiving option by the company or by either the receiver or the sender.


So in theory, none of the three SnapChat participants have the option to archive, but with text messaging, any of the three can.


Please educate me, IT hipsters.  We are now being told that SnapChat files were somehow hacked and are in existence, yet one US government bureaucracy after another is somehow accidentally losing IM texts and these are gone forever.


Is that really what we are saying here?



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