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Tue Oct 14 18:06:27 UTC 2014

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Subject: Re: [ExI] question for it hipsters

On Tue, Oct 14, 2014 at 5:04 PM, spike wrote:

>> ...Please educate me, IT hipsters.  We are now being told that SnapChat 
> files were somehow hacked and are in existence, yet one US government 
> bureaucracy after another is somehow accidentally losing IM texts and 
> these are gone forever... Is that really what we are saying here?

>...According to Wikipedia - In the United States alone there are over
10,000 laws and regulations related to electronic messaging and records

>...If businesses fail to retain records for discovery procedures they are
breaking the law.

>...Both sender and receiver companies can install IM archiving software.
And legally, they probably HAVE to.

>...Snapchat are claiming that they weren't hacked and don't retain any
photos. But there is separate archiving software used by many Snapchat users
and that was hacked....BillK

Thanks BillK.  My concern wasn't teen selfies on SnapChat.  I am not a
hipster, never used that system  and don't plan to.  My big worry at this
point is what appears to be a critical transition of the US government from
ambiguously corrupt to overt corruption.  Some anonymous yahoo in his PJs
can hack SnapChat or its associated archiving software.  (Hmmm, the software
the users were told doesn't exist?) Yet the US government with all its vast
resources cannot somehow resurrect even a single copy from the exact
accounts in question, email sent to and from a number of mysteriously
crashed and subsequently ground to powder hard drives, nor can it produce
metadata so it at least knows what is missing?  Indeed?

The Nazis came to power legally by most accounts.  At their end they were
doing many things overtly illegal by their own system.  Rounding up and
murdering its own citizens would have to qualify for overtly illegal.  At
some point perhaps in the late 1930s, there had to be a transition, where
that government dropped all pretenses of working within its own legal
system.  Don't even bother Godwin's Law-ing me.  Analogies to the Nazis are
perfectly appropriate when talking about national governments and what they
are doing.

Snapchat is hacked, but the fed cannot hack its own archives?  Indeed?


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