[ExI] 23andME - Company issues: privacy

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How does 23andMe assure customers that their DNA data is private?






Natasha, you aren't required to tell them who you are.  Any pseudonym will
do.  I have two second cousins on there whose identities I have been trying
to crack for some time, but no luck.


If one of your siblings or several cousins go on there and identify
themselves, it is easy enough to figure out with high confidence the
identity of you, but it is unlikely several cousins would do it, and you can
ask your siblings if they did it.


If you want even more assurance of privacy, have a friend buy the kit with
her credit card.  Then register yourself Rhizopus Stolonifer.  Give a
different friend's email @ or create one for Ms. Stolonifer and use it for
only that.


Welcome to the family!


Before you do that however, if you are in it for genealogy purposes, 23andMe
isn't the way to go.  Post me offlist for further info if you worry about
privacy concerns, or ask here if you wish.  Others might want this info.




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How does 23andMe assure customers that their DNA data is private?





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