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>...Well now, I have my genome and I can go in there and read it.  So it
isn't patents so much as it is trade secrets.  But these leak.  Humanity

>...  If a patient perceives a higher risk of something, that patient should
be able to pay for extra diagnostics for that, ja?  spike

I have already done this.  I was in 23andMe before the FDA carried out its
corrupt plan.  (Note to reader, any action by the government against any
company is immediately under suspicion.  A company's profit motive is overt.
A government agency's profit motive is necessarily covert, and is often
denied.  But government agencies also runs on a profit motive.  Capitalism
corrupts government.  Socialism corrupts government more.  With companies we
know exactly who is paying whom: we pay them.  With government agencies, we
don't have that info.)

>From my 23andMe results, my risk of common diseases was lower than average
across the board, but it was much higher in one area.  So I got on the
internet, learned up about that condition, learned all the ways to spot the
condition early, all the existing treatments and under what conditions each
course should be used and the logic behind each strategy.  Now I am an
A-rated player on that on condition, or even perhaps the bottom end of the
expert range.  There are a million diseases; on that one condition I am
ready to take on the med-school graduates in a written test, a competition.
I am a microphysician.

My doctor was really impressed last month at my annual checkup.  I sent her
scurrying back to her textbooks, by knowing all the latest findings on that
one condition, and knowing all the jargon.  Ooohhh the power.  Doctors hate
that.  Patients love it.


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