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>... <http://animpossibleinvention.com/2014/10/08/new-scientific-report-on-the-e-cat-shows-excess-heat-and-nuclear-process/> http://animpossibleinvention.com/2014/10/08/new-scientific-report-on-the-e-cat-shows-excess-heat-and-nuclear-process/


>... <http://pesn.com/2014/10/13/9602545_Leaked-Second-Paper_With_High-Magnification_of_Rossis-Nickel-Particles_Brings_Replication_Closer/> http://pesn.com/2014/10/13/9602545_Leaked-Second-Paper_With_High-Magnification_of_Rossis-Nickel-Particles_Brings_Replication_Closer/


>...Anyone competent in nickel powder, crystals and likes?  Mirco




Tom, Mirco, my bogosity meter hit the peg so hard it bent the needle.


The reason nickel powder seems to keep cropping up is if you take the nucleon energy of a certain nickel isotope and compare it with the nucleon energy of a certain copper isotope (don't recall all the neutron numbers) you can imagine how a conversion would release reasonable amounts of energy, if you could somehow catalyze the reaction (which I doubt with sufficient confidence that I risk my reputation by stating my unreserved skepticism.)


That isn't what really convinced me about this notion of a truck-borne 100MW generator.  I didn’t even need to besmirch the back of a perfectly good used envelope: this BOTECs can be done on our heads.  Even if we assume some kind of nuclear reaction can create crazy high amounts of heat, you still need to convert it.  In my previous post I mentioned all those squiggly furrin-looking symbols.  For single digit or order of magnitude estimates, I assumed them all to 1, which is as good as it gets.  In reality it doesn’t get that good; I meant as good as it can get, ever.  My misspent youth is too far distant to worry about what all those do; they account for emissivity, surface finish, debris, all the real-world stuff that can only spoil our fun.  Assume them all to 1.  I am still getting way into the 4 digit numbers for surface temperatures on a device like what the article suggested. 


Look at the case of a truck/trailer electric generator.  Imagine a 1 MW generator.  You have a prime mover, usually a big Diesel motor for that purpose, or sometimes a gas turbine, but a 1MW Diesel motor is not hard to visualize.  There is one right up front on every semi-truck you see out on the freeway.  Their big Diesels are on that order.  Now imagine that engine coupled to some kind of energy conversion device and all the infrastructure needed to carry away the waste heat.


Here’s an example of a 1.5 MW trailer-borne generator:



Note three axles of heavy duals, 12 heavy-duty tires.  This rig weighs about 20 tons.  How much of that is the Diesel prime-mover?  A couple tons?  The rest of it must be energy conversion and heat rejection.  It doesn’t matter what is your prime mover, the heavy stuff is carrying away excess heat.  We are told the breakthrough is a miracle fusion heat source?  So we convert it to electricity with… what?  Some kind of Rankine cycle?  Where does all that waste heat go? 


Now, we are being told LockMart Skunk Works as invented a way to get 60 times that capacity and carry it all in a truck?  Indeed?  



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