[ExI] Lockheed skunkworks announcement about fusion

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Il 19/10/2014 10:29, Alfio Puglisi ha scritto:
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>     Il 18/10/2014 17:06, Alfio Puglisi ha scritto:
>     > Because, in all these years of testing, they still haven't tried to
>     > connect a pot of water to their heater, and plonk a thermometer inside.
>     They did, with the 1 MW container.
>     Critics criticized it because this or/and that.
>     They said there no proof how much water was really there, etc.
> If you have a link to that kind of test, I would be interested in it.
> All I have seen is conversion of water to steam, and then endlessly
> arguing about the dry fraction, etc.

The October 6 2011 test was conducted vaporizing the water inside the
e-cat, driving the steam in an heat exchanger and back in the e-cat. On
the other side of the heat exchanger, there was another water circuit
and they measured the flow and the temperature of the water entering and
exiting the secondary circuit.
The test measured the energy after the e-cat was placed in self
sustaining mode and run for many hours and they opened the e-cat after
the test to show up there was nothing inside apart just the three cores
and the water circuit.

Obviously, the critics criticized: the flow meter could be hacked, the
temperature probes was placed in the wrong places, etc.

Andrea Rossi Ecat Test Bologna October 6

There is a report about the test from Mats Lewan of Nyteknik.




About the steam measures:
The good part of it was, at the time, I made myself a lot better
educated about hygrometers and how they work and perform and I concluded
that criticism was pretty gratuitous and unsubstantiated.
The type of hygrometer probe used would just signal zero water when the
temperature went over 100 °C and all water would be vaporized (and not


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