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Subject: Re: [ExI] fourth amendment question

On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 6:43 PM, Adrian Tymes wrote:
>>... Not if no law enforcement officer contacts him about the
> Unless and until one does (or he contacts one about it), he is 
> uninvolved, regardless of whether he has relevant evidence.

>...Yes, I think US law is different to UK law in many ways.
As you say, in the US if someone refuses to assist police enquiries then
there could be a charge of obstruction. But not if the police don't contact

Ja, but British constables are nice.  {8^D

>...But there is still the moral question of whether not giving the
information voluntarily to the police is protecting a murderer or rapist
from being stopped from committing more crimes and harming innocent

Really the moral and ethical questions center around the propriety of
helping adoptees find their bio-parents.  This one really has me uneasy,
because I recognize there are at least two entire classes of people who have
the moral right to hide from their own offspring.  The class we always think
of: rape victims who believe all abortion is wrong so they carried the
embryo, causing them to be victimized a second time.  The other class is
semen donors.  Don't those guys have a right to hide from their own

Are there others I didn't think of?

If tiny microscopic FORTRAN coding (evolution help us) little spike Jones
can figure out how to do this, then others will too, people who KNOW how to
write good code.  Then what?


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