[ExI] 26 inch tube

spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Oct 24 04:02:24 UTC 2014

> >> ... they had packaged 
> >> a 26 inch tube in a box labelled 20 inch, so of course the tube 
> >> didn’t fit.  I walked the bike home mumbling and cursing a pox on... 
> >> Then it occurred to me: that longer tube might have worked anyway.  
> >> It would have a section which folded back on itself, which would 
> >> make the tire unbalanced, but for low speeds such as on a typical 
> >> recumbent, that wouldn’t matter much.  Question: can anyone think of a reason why a longer inner tube 
> >> wouldn’t work?
> >>
> >> spike
> >>

>...I am pretty sure enough air would leak past a fold to inflate that section, especially as it can come at the fold from both sides...

Me too.

>...If you could arrange it so that there were two half size folds at pi radians then it wouldn't even be that unbalanced.



Cool,  I think you are right.  That double fold idea was a great aha-insight.  Now I have half a mind to take out the 20 inch tube and try your idea, just to show it can be done.

Thanks Dsvid!


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