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On Sun, Oct 26, 2014 at 10:02 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
>>... Here’s where I am going with it.  Imagine things work out better than 
> I expect, and we manage to transition somehow to fully renewable 
> energy sources.  ... crime really isn’t a factor, since robo-cops don’t cost much, so there 
> are several of them milling around everywhere you look.

>...I imagine this as a new kind of fitness landscape.  Those robo-managed proles are natural resources like streams or trees, the clever monkey will find new ways to take advantage of them...

Ja.  What I meant was it becomes a lower-energy consuming society.

>...Violent crime might be minimized, but your vote-manipulation styled crimes will be rampant...

We have everything we need to stop that, but just reducing the power of government would be a big step.  That takes down the amount of money available for theft.  Keep watching this Mike.  The one side has arranged for "calibration error" to work in their favor.  It sure looks to me like this should motivate the voters to decide this has gone too far.

>...  At least until (unless) there is greater transparency... or until the aforementioned clever monkey imposes a block-chain solution to the voting problem - making it inherently resistant to tampering...

At this point, it is clear enough the effort has gone towards enabling tampering.  It is easy enough to imagine a system where there is no machine-counting at all.  We could still have touch screen devices which make a printout on paper.  It would be cheap and easy.  

I have been getting spam from both major parties.  They estimate it costs about 20 to 24 bucks on average to get a vote, by legal means.  So if we imagine a system that is really just a printer, that takes signals from a laptop or phone or any keyboard device or a touch screen or prints out a blank ballot which can be filled in with a pencil, oh that would be easy to do, simple.  Cheap.  Creates a paper trail which could be easily verified, audited or recounted. 

If votes are 20 bucks each, either party could set up something like that for the cost of a few score votes.  

Notice that no one is rushing out to do it.

>...  (of course, outright bribery and votes-for-purchase will always be an option)

Ja, bribery for sure, but I am encouraged by these modern cameras which can be hidden and catch the bastards:


This one is full of hilarious quotes.  Fishing a ballot out of the trash and using it is not even like lying or stealing.  It's just...like you know... recycling.  Or something.  {8^]  Recycling is a good thing, right?  {8^D


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