[ExI] Input for article on "The Extropian Roots of Bitcoin"

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Tue Sep 30 14:40:26 UTC 2014

The Extropy archives will indeed be a goldmine for future historians. And
Eliezer was correct that the Internet is forever and we ought be careful
what we post. When he was a teenager in Chicagoland and about to be kicked
out of the nest by his parents, he posted some heartfelt, desperate
pleadings. From his current perspective in Silicon Valley, hobnobbing with
Peter Theil and ruling the roost at MIRI, those old postings might seem
embarassing. But we ALL have similarly embarassing postings in our pasts.
So let's each and all be charitable to one another.

Mike LaTorra
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> Subject: Re: [ExI] Input for article on "The Extropian Roots of Bitcoin"
> On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 4:57 AM, Giulio Prisco <giulio at gmail.com> wrote:
> >>... I am writing for a Bitcoin magazine and I want to write an article on
> > "The Extropian Roots of Bitcoin." ...
> >...If the analogy is that Bitcoin's roots grew from Extropy's fertile
> soil...
> I can imagine future historians will be mining the Extropy archives for
> decades, marveling that it was one of the early meeting places for
> future-minded hipsters.
> When Eliezer Yudkowsky was a teenager, he used to post a lot here.  A meme
> he sometimes said which really astonish me for its insight was along the
> lines of "Be careful what you post here, or anywhere.  The internet never
> forgets."
> He was right.  I may someday regret some of the silliness I posted here,
> particularly the comedy, that sex lamas business and the other stuff.  Or
> not; I had fun with it then, and would probably laugh again if I read some
> of the goofiness I posted here a long time ago when I was a mere child of
> 30
> years.
> Some of those wordplay storms were hilarious.  We don't do those anymore.
> Remember when anyone would make any funny typo, and of course Damien
> Broderick and I would jump on it, then sometimes Max and the other infamous
> punsters, and WOW that was great geek fun.
> spike
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