[ExI] Input for article on "The Extropian Roots of Bitcoin"

Anders Sandberg anders at aleph.se
Tue Sep 30 23:39:43 UTC 2014

I don't remember much of the discussions, but they were often pretty extensive. Both anarchocapitalist ideas and how to implement PPL using smart contracts (old issues of Extropy might have a few illuminating articles), technical discussions about protocols and of course hardware worries about rod logic computers cracking codes. I think the key insight was that crypto could act as a primitive for building awesome things.
I certainly learned a fair bit about crypto from it, ending up getting Schneiers' Applied Cryptography. Some ideas from those discussions show up in my early RPG writing like http://www.aleph.se/Nada/InfoWar/economics.html

Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University
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