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Sun Apr 5 16:55:13 UTC 2015

> Alexander then explored the broader implications of Rat Park
> experiments for human beings. The main conclusions of his experimental
> and historical research since 1985 can be summarized as follows:
> 1) Drug addiction is only a small corner of the addiction problem.
> Most serious addictions do not involve either drugs or alcohol
> 2) Addiction is more a social problem than an individual problem. When
> socially integrated societies are fragmented by internal or external
> forces, addiction of all sorts increases dramatically, becoming almost
> universal in extremely fragmented societies.
> 3) Addiction arises in fragmented societies because people use it as a
> way of adapting to extreme social dislocation. As a form of
> adaptation, addiction is neither a disease that can be cured nor a
> moral error that can be corrected by punishment and education.
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> Sounds good to me.
> BillK

​Sounds like vague sociological thinking to me.

bill w​

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