[ExI] fermi paradox again, was: addiction

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On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 Anders Sandberg <anders at aleph.se> wrote:


> You need 100% addiction, not 95% (and in humans, most things that are addictive only for about 5%).


>… Glueing the happiness knob to a 10 would obviously lead to stagnation, and if you rigged it to give you a short blast of a 10 only when you discovered something as important as General Relativity you'd be happy so rarely you'd eventually change the settings. …  Maybe then you'd be able to resist temptation and not fiddle around with that control panel anymore.  John K Clark



Ja.  Anders is involved in a group which is about effective altruism.  He is sitting second from right, second row in the yellow shirt in this picture:




Anders that is you there, ja?  Those of you who know Peter McCluskey will see him standing fourth row back, center, white T-shirt with black collar.  I see several of the usual suspects in that photo, the thumbs up guy next to Anders has been seen at local futurist activities (don’t know his name), Eliezer Yudkowsky is standing four rows back far right, I see Mike back there (don’t recall his last name) and his friend Sarah, I see Jill, looks like Dr. Voss back there, I see that EFF friend of Anders over on the left with his back against the white board with whom I enjoyed a really cool math geek discussion at his house, several other tech and science geeks I have seen at the local H+, futurist and Extropian-oriented events.  I am delighted there is such a healthy intersection of those two sets, the H+ crowd and the effective altruism crowd.


What if we could figure out a way to tweak the feels-good knob to create positive feedback, give us a euphoric feeling over helping others, wouldn’t that be cool?  We fix it to give us a good feeling when we discover some new science or technology geek thing; then it acts as a force multiplier such that we can do more effective altruism.





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