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>…  Good had triumphed over greed, fear and apathy.  

I need to track down the short story's title and author.  I think it was only nine or ten pages, and yet it still deeply affected me, far more than some novels I have read.  If the Outer Limits ever gets rebooted again, this would make for the outline of a great episode.


COOL!  John I am astonished anyone or your tender age has even heard of the Outer Limits.  Those are some of my fondest early childhood memories.  The Twilight Zone went off the air but they were still showing reruns of that for a long time, when Outer Limits came along and in some ways was even better than the Zone.


I had a problem.  Outer Limits started out each episode with the comment “…There is nothing wrong with your television set.  Do not attempt to adjust the picture…” etc, but in this they were dead wrong, for there was nearly always something wrong with our TV set: it sucked beyond recognition.


On top of that, we only got one channel with a good solid signal, CBS channel 6.  Outer Limits was on ABC channel 2, which we could get marginally if we turned the antenna toward Orlando when it wasn’t raining and held our mouths right.  TVs in those days had a thing called horizontal hold and vertical hold, which a prole really did need to adjust, early and often.  The antenna was outdoors, and had to be turned by hand, while keeping a wary eye for the sabre tooth tiger and tyrannosaurus rex, known to devour children sent out to turn the antenna.


You tell young people that today and they don’t believe it.


Outer Limits was wicked cool, but that didn’t last either, cancelled in about 1966.  Life went on however, for when Outer Limits was cancelled it was replaced by the stunning awesomeness which was Star Trek.  Now THAT was TV my young friends.



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