[ExI] The downsides of high IQ

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Wed Apr 15 16:35:22 UTC 2015

… Anders commented, regarding the general concept of “…if you’re so smart, why ain’t ya rich…”


>… But the core claim, intelligence is not enough to guarantee a good life, seems right. It does predict better health, longevity, education, salary, long-term orientation, cooperation and so on, and it does *protect* against accidents, being a homicide victim and unhappiness. But that is obviously not enough on its own: motivation and personality obviously has a huge impact…Anders Sandberg



Note that brains are cheap.


A well-known southern campus minister was known to make comments such as “Ah don’t see hyaw… any honest prostitute… could possibly myak a livin… awn theeus heah cayampus… with awl these young beautiful college girls… GIVIN it away!”


Well hell, think about it.  Consider all the really smart people you know, and if you are one of them good for you.  You like doing brainy things.  You will not only do it for little pay, you will GIVE it away.  Think of all the technical papers that are written, just for the joy of it.  Understatement, you will pay money to give away your ideas.  Not only that, when you call a geek a cheap brain slut, they take it as compliment (because it is.)  They form a CBS club and egg each other on, shamelessly performing unprotected multiple serial brain-copulation, riotous brain-orgies and such (example: ExtroCons.)


Look over to Andart for a poster-child example.  All those cool ideas; the man doesn’t even ask for anything in return.  Brain-whores just give it away!  How can idea-purveyors compete with that?


In our modern world, brains are cheap, and a lot of it is my favorite pricetag: free.  


Oh what a glorious time to be living.  We higher primates evolved these bulbous frontal lobes for exactly this era.  Give it away until you are sore, then give more.




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