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I deeply miss Robert Bradbury!  He was my "Extropian Uncle."  Spike, I fondly remember coming down from Alaska for Extropy 5, and being in your backyard at a small table, with you, Robert and Greg Burch, discussing his technology/business ideas and plans.  And I also recall Robert "holding court" at the conference, with college students and others enthusiastically enjoying the discussions he lead.  


John  :  (    :  )



He’s been gone over 4 yrs now, and I miss him like he left us yesterday.


So much I need to get with the program and write up those ideas we worked on.  Where we left off was in the thermal models.  He passed away before I discovered that business about needing to direct the sunlight in one direction to prevent overheating.  Oh I need to get with it and write.


One of my fond memories of Robert was a time we had a party at my place and Melanie Swan came, with her Significant Other, who was an innocent.  He knew nothing of our crowd and how we were.  Robert was there, being Robert.  The look on Melanie’s sweetheart’s face was priceless.  Oh for a video of that discussion.  {8^D



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