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>>... ?Keith, I am old and tired and depressed a lot and have two cancers 
> and unloving children and a lot more.  I am really sorry if my mood 
> got into the post and of course it did.

>...Accepted.  We are, as I recall, about the same age, but I seem to be
resistant to depression.  I tend to be sensitive about this topic.
First time I published on The Oil Drum, the flame war over the desirability
of a massive human die off got so bad that other blogs were commenting on

Thanks for being a good sport Keith.

A universal characteristic of those who freely speak of a Malthusian die-off
of humanity is that nearly universally those speakers imagine they and their
families will not be among the perished.  

But think on that for just a minute.  One of the possible futures resulting
in our collective failure to react to the foreseeable end of fossil fuel is
a massive simultaneous failure of our power distribution system.  Imagine
all the havoc that would create.  Now imagine the parts of the world which
would scarcely notice if that system came crashing down: Australian outback,
the more remote areas in central and sub-Saharan Africa, the equatorial rain
forests and so forth.  If a starving western world turned on itself for
basic survival, these less advanced regions would carry on as before, and
eventually repopulate the planet.

That horrifying theoretical massive die-out is not "they."  Rather, the
correct pronoun is "we." 


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