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>…“Modern aircraft are increasingly connected to the Internet,” notes a U.S. Government Accountability Office report. “This interconnectedness can potentially provide unauthorized remote access to aircraft avionics systems.”

>…Why not monitor all planes and when one is screeching towards the earth, just take remote control of it and prevent pilots from crashing?




The military already does this, but it doesn’t need to communicate with the ground.  The technology is called ACFIT for Anti-Controlled-Flight-Into-Terrain.  If the plane is plummeting, it decides when to assume the pilot has perished or lost consciousness, and takes control of itself, preventing its violent contact with the planet.  Every airliner has a ground proximity warning, that urgent manly voice often heard in the last seconds on the voice cockpit recordings urging “Pull up!  Pull up!”  Most airliner controls are already fly-by-wire.  If the plane knows to advise the pilot to pull up, the plane can be enabled to pull up.



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