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>…Isn't everyone trying to hack into everything, military or not?  Satellites, missiles, drones and more I assume.  I hope we can hack into drones when they are used against us, as they inevitably will be.

>…If the military can have a secure system for , say, satellites, why can't the airlines?  Will we never have a secure system of anything?  Is that our future?​



BillW, there is no need for an external link.  The ACFIT tech can be onboard, where it belongs, with no ground or satellite communications necessary or desired.  The military already knows how to make a plane decide if the pilot is crazy, dead or disabled, then it goes and lands itself, even assuming some control-surface damage.  Airliners are easier to land than fighter jets, and one would presume it undamaged and un-battle-scarred.


That a plane can take off, navigate and land without human intervention was demonstrated fifty years ago with the Lockheed L1011 according to company lore.  


Your original point is taken, and to me is obvious: airliners should have ACFIT technology on board, but not external links of any kind.  The ACFIT must be given the authority to overrule the pilots if they are doing something crazy.  It’s a scary step, but at some point the silicon computer is less likely to commit mass murder than meat computer.



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